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LUMINEERS by CERINATE are contact-lens-thin porcelain shields that are bonded to the front of your teeth to create dramatic changes in your smile. Their advantage over traditional porcelain veneers is that there is no injection, no drilling and no pain as no removal of sensitive tooth structure is needed. This is because the contact-lens-thin porcelain technology provides beauty and strength while preserving your natural tooth structure. LUMINEERS can correct a wide variety of unsightly dental conditions such as tooth discoloration, gaps, permanent stains, and broken and misshapen teeth. LUMINEERS can even bond to existing crown and bridgework without having to replace them. 

Teeth before and after Lumineers Treatment

The Lumineers Procedure

At the first visit, impressions and photos of the upper and lower teeth are taken. Sometimes, small modifications to the teeth may be necessary prior to impression taking in order to achieve the best results. The impressions are then sent to CERINATE laboratories in the U.S. Here, models of your teeth are made and individual custom-made lumineers fabricated for each tooth being treated. At the second visit, the lumineers are fitted on to the teeth with a strong patented adhesive and polished to produce a beautiful permanently white smile. For more information please visit www.lumineers.com